Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wedding A-Z: F is for Food

Deciding what to serve your guests to eat is a tough decision.  Do you go for something you like? Or, do you try to please all of your guests by choosing a menu that will (hopefully) suit everyone? 


Here's a few things to think about when choosing the food for your wedding:

  • What time is the wedding ceremony?  If you are getting married at 3pm most guests will likely have lunch before they leave home, however if the wedding is at 1pm they may not have time to eat beforehand.
  • Will you serve a formal sit down meal or a more informal buffet style?
  • How many times will you feed your guests? Will you have a sit down meal in the afternoon followed by a buffet in the evening?
  • Will you be serving anything else? i.e. canapes?

Here's a few ideas to 'mix it up' when it comes to food:

  • Why not have a candy bar?  Guests can help themselves to your very own pick n' mix sweets, the candy bar can easily be themed to match your wedding colours, or simply to include the sweets you like.
  • Serve bacon rolls at around 11pm - we did this at a wedding I planned last year and they went down a treat!
  • To keep the costs of a 3-course meal down, serve canape's with the reception drinks and follow it with a main and dessert course.


What will you serve at your wedding?


Picture credit: Talbooth Catering


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